office guySmall businesses can’t afford to have a full time IT staff, but there is still a need to keep the office desktops and network running. Our technical staff can keep things running smoothly for your office with only a few hours per week. We can setup remote access to your office for emergency help and monitoring of servers. We will get your network and computers operating properly and keep them that way without having to keep an IT person on the payroll. We are there when you have a computer emergency.

Your office needs virus protection and proper backups that cover your business for any kind of emergency. Usually that means more than one kind of backup solution but it doesn’t need to be expensive. You need to cover your business for fires or other disasters, as well as server data loss due to hard drive crashes. You also need to cover your data for accidental deletion by your own employees. This requires several types of backups to cover you for the various kinds of data loss your business could experience. We can help you get started with better backup protection in one visit.

You may also need help with computers and networking at home as our homes become more and more technologically connected. Through easy and free remote access, we can troubleshoot any number of problems on your computer or network – all while we work interactively on your computer while talking on the phone.

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